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CBD BAE 600mg CBD E-Liquid 30ML

Vape this as you would your favorite e-liquid for even distribution of CBD throughout your day. It can be used in any vape device.

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors, cannabidiol

Available Flavors:
Blue Raspberry Lemonade - This blue raspberry lemonade is sure to give you that summertime vibe. Just inhale the relief.

Lab Results for CBD Bae Blue Raspberry Lemonade E-Liquid 600mg

Juicy Watermelon - Visit your local farm stand and sample the best watermelon in the bunch. This is that but with cbd, just load up your vape and inhale.

Lab Results for CBD Bae Juicy Watermelon E-Liquid 600mg

Red Mango - Your tastebuds will Tango with this mango. Red mango will bring you to the tropics with its smooth cbd vape hit.

Lab Results for CBD Bae Red Mango E-Liquid 600mg

Strawberry Kiwi - Strawberry kiwi is a classic pairing like peanut butter and jelly. Swing down under with this match made in heaven with cbd.

Lab Results for CBD Bae Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid 600mg



(No reviews yet) Write a Review