King Palm 25ct XL Rolls

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Product Overview

We offer a deluxe pre-rolled cone that’s made using leaves from our farm in Southeast Asia. Our high-quality option to smoke top-shelf flower has grown on global popularity. The proof can be seen with a win from the prestigious High Times Harvest Cup in 2017. We took second place for the best product! People flock to our pre-rolled cones because we don’t use any glue, chemicals, or additives. Every piece of King Palm pre-rolled cones are biodegradable. 

Resealable Container Content Includes:

  • 25 XL size King Palm pre-rolled cones
  • Corn husk filter tip installed in every smoking cone
  • Useful bamboo stick for packing herbs
  • Humidity control pack to prevent staleness and maintain freshness up to a year after opening.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review